About Access Medical Centers

Medical Expertise meets personal, friendly care

Access Medical Centers (AMC) provides complete preventive care and manages any health problem you may face throughout your life. Our doctors are thoughtful, thorough and provide the up-to-date care you can rely on.

Our Access Medical Centers team includes doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are dedicated to your comfort and well-being. We spend time listening to you to understand your concerns and to help you feel relaxed and at home with us.

Our staff is here to help. We are always glad to see you and happy to assist you with insurance, scheduling and any other healthcare needs you have. 

Our Core Services

Primary Care

Access Medical Centers is your home for all your immediate and long-term health needs. See a family doctor or one of our other team members for primary care.

Urgent Care

If you need medical attention and can’t wait days for an appointment come to Access Medical Centers. We make it easy for you to see an expereinced, caring doctor, even after hours and on weekends… without an appointment.