Chronic Pain? Access Medical Centers Can Help

For those who suffer from chronic pain, we have created a special program to help alleviate your pain and discomfort and help you lead a dynamic and productive life.  We can provide monthly refills of the most commonly used pain medications.

Given that pain medications are very powerful, potentially dangerous and closely monitored by state and federal agencies, we have developed a protocol to ensure maximum safety and compliance with the standard of care and all regulations.

With monthly visits to the office, you will be quickly evaluated by one of our clinicians and you can receive further refills if need be.

In addition, we can discuss many other remedies of effective pain relief including modalities such as:  electrical stimulation, acupuncture, medical massage, counseling, natural supplements, measurements of brain neurotransmitter levels and nutritional testing.

This special program is not covered by insurance and payment is required at the time of each visit.  You will be required to make monthly visits.